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Running of the Bulls at the Beach

by Team Fathom

Top: Running of the Bulls. Bottom (from left): Kiko at the skate park, courtesy of VeniceSkatepark.com; snacks, courtesy of Superba; outdoor imbibing, courtesy of Baja Cantina.

This post was sponsored by Ford Fiesta.

A few months ago, Ford Fiesta coralled a whole bunch of adrenaline junkies, techies, drama queens, and gearheads to execute one thousand missions around the country using their turbocharged car. These missions ranged from learning to be a stunt driver, to hosting a tailgating party for strangers, to turning the car into a mobile lemonade stand. Armed with a camera and a driving route (to the beach, to the club, to sheer levels of insanity), these "agents" took the Fiesta to task.

One particular video struck a chord in our wander-filled hearts: The famous Running of the Bulls, in Spain, reinterpreted for the crowds of – where else? – Venice Beach, California. It's pretty hysterical. You've got to see it for yourself.

Inspired by the question of where the crowd should run next, we assembled a short-list of Venice hangouts to keep the adrenaline pumping. Because the next time you survive a bull running on the boardwalk, you'll probably want a glass of tequila. Along with a picture with the guy who juggles chainsaws on the beach.

Hotel Erwin
1697 Pacific Ocean Ave.; +1-800-786-7789
From the lobby to the rooftop, it's the best place to socialize in all of Venice. If you are in the mood to make a scene, they'll let you Sing for an Upgrade.

Baja Cantina
311 Washington Blvd.; +1-310-821-2252
Coming off your Spanish conquest, you could move on to a Latin accent. This place is crazy looking, but the food is good and the shots flow freely. Double down on salsa!

Venice Skate Park
123 Venice Beach
Can you handle the truth? If you're undecided, stand by and keep your eyes peeled as hardcore skaters turn out stunts and tricks so fresh they are not even named yet.

533 Rose Ave.; +310-399-6400
Stroll around the boardwalk looking for radical pamphleteers, clowns on rollerblades, and muscled men in skimpy shorts knowing you can reward yourself with spectactor snacks: braised bacon, fried chicken thighs, porchetta on rye.

1009 Abbot Kinney Blvd.; +310-664-9787
You deserve a nine-grain pancake that's as big as your face.


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This post was sponsored by Ford Fiesta.

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