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A Smartphone Printer That Brings Your Travel Photos to Life

by Daniel Schwartz

Photo courtesy of Prynt.

Of the hundreds of photos we take on our phones while traveling, there are always a few special ones we wish we could print out like Polaroids. We're looking at a smartphone accessory that does just that, and then some.

Anyone who still practices the age-old art of scrapbooking will tell you that looking back on physical travel photos is way more meaningful than flipping through thousands of snaps on a smartphone. But oh what a drag they are to develop. Catering to today's need for instant gratification is Prynt, a portable device that prints photos from your phone, on the spot.

The $130 gadget looks like the next generation of instant camera. Slide it on like you would a phone case, take a photo or select one from the camera roll, customize with filters, frames, and stickers, then print. No ink cartridges involved: ZINK zero-ink paper embedded with dye crystals makes tear- and smudge-resistant, adhesive-backed images.

The device stands out from the likes of Polaroids in its ability to literally bring stills to life. Prynt users can pair their photos with short videos they record right after printing, which can be viewed by anyone who scans the pics with the accompanying free app, a la the moving newspaper images from Harry Potter. More than just movie magic, secret video messages make for a fun and fascinating way to relive life's precious moments.


Though it doesn't produce gallery-grade stills, Prynt does provide a no-hassle method of materializing pics from the camera roll, which is something sentimental travelers (and their home-bound relatives) have long been waiting for. The video component is more novel than practical, but thumbs-up for bringing a touch of the 21st-century to the analog experience.


Prynt comes with ten sheets of paper and sells for $130 on A 40-pack refill costs $20.



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