Travel Fiasco

Real Actors Read TripAdvisor: Beware the Boston Duck Tour

by Stephanie March

Sometimes it gets tight in there. Photo courtesy of Boston Duck Tours.

Travelers in the United States are coming to the end of the busiest (and therefore the worst) travel weekend of the year. (According to the AAA, 3.55 million people will be flying just this weekend.) So to anyone who is experiencing any manner of travel unpleasantness, from delayed flights to crowded highways to bad hotel rooms, we offer some comic relief: Fathom contributing editor Stephanie March reading a real TripAdvisor review of a trip gone wrong.

Inspired by Real Actors Read Yelp, the Gotta Kid to Feed Productions video series about restaurant experiences, we asked producer and director Joe Plummer to collaborate with Stephanie on a travel series for Fathom.

In this video, Stephanie reads a real review by a real person about the experience she had on a Boston Duck Tour.

Consider this a small reminder of the bright side of a travel fiasco: You have a good story to tell.


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