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Move Over Tulum, Sayulita is Mexico's Newest Hippie Hot Spot

by Nicole Najafi
Punta Vintage vibes in Punta Mita. All photos by Nicole Najafi.

New York-based entrepreneur and the designer behind denim line Industry Standard, Nicole Najafi, just returned from a dreamy Mexican escape.

SAYULITA, Mexico – When you imagine paradise in Mexico, it's Punta Mita — a village nestled in the bay of Nayarit, about 45-minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. If you're fortunate enough to have a big sister who was gifted a week at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Mexico from a client for a job well done, then you're in paradise for free, as was the case for me.

The hotel is a very large and perfect playground for adults. There is no shortage of infinity pools or cold towels. Since the property is so big, the main mode of transportation is staff-driven golf carts — and there are few things in life more decadent than calling a golf cart to take you to the gym. I may or may not have done this on one occasion.

When we grew tired of peace and relaxation, we took a 20-minute cab ride to Sayulita, a hip surf town that some are calling the "new Tulum." The small town has authentic Mexican charm in spades. Sayulita is where you'll score mind-blowingly delicious fish tacos for a whopping $1.10, shop unique local Mexican crafts, and see some of the coolest signage around. ¡Vamos a Sayulita!

A private beach at the Four Seasons.


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