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Packing Podcasts on the Run

by Team Fathom

Time flies when there's a podcast. Photo: socio / Flickr

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Ford Fiesta corralled a whole bunch of people from around the country to execute one thousand missions — stunts ranging from the adrenaline-inducing to the laugh-inducing — using their turbocharged car. Gearheads, techies, and drama queens packed up their skis, mountain bikes, skate boards, knee pads, costumes, and coolers full of snacks. Leaving very little room for in-car entertainment.

Inspired by this, we put together a list of our favorite podcasts: a mix of the fun, funny, inspired, educational, calming, intellectual, and dance-inducing. Download first. And keep your eyes on the road.


After the Jump: Grace Bonney, of crafty/cultish blog Design*Sponge, hosts a radio show where she interviews interior designers, artists, and artisans from photographer Todd Selby to designer Todd Oldham to illustrator Julia Rothman.

Fresh Air: Terry Gross is an expert interviewer who delights at every turn. She talks to a range of authors, actors, politicians, and dips well below the surface to really get to the essence of it all.

Lux Radio Theater: A quirky anthology adapting Brodway stage works from the 1930s-50s. There are performers, old-timey announcers, and live studio audience applause.

Radiolab: Science meets storylines and good sound effects with this very entertaining (and educational!) series that explores and explains the minute (brain pathways) and the infitite (black holes). 

The Nerdist: Comedian Chris Hardwick leads funny talks about technology, movies, and the cultural zeitgeist with a whole range of interesting folks.

This American Life: Probably on every podcast listener's list, it's a show told in three parts around a theme, hosted by Ira Glass. We can't tell you how many conversations begin with: Did you hear about that story on This American Life ...

Tiny Desk Concerts: A range of folk, blues, jazz, pop, and indie musicians casually perform their work in the NPR music office.

Resident Advisor: Dance music mixes from the world's best producers and DJs, to get you amped up for your final destination.

Want more entertainment? Try something like this: 

This post was sponsored by Ford Fiesta.

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