Packing List: Pavia Rosati

by Pavia Rosati

Getting to know the guys who make semolina ice cream in Damascus.

Fathom co-founder and CEO Pavia Rosati once transported a month's worth of clothing and a king-sized down comforter in a carry-on bag on a transcontinental flight. Her secret? Vacuum-seal bags. Here are the rest of the tricks in her smart travel arsenal: 

Day bag: I've tried to find better travel bags than the MZ Wallace collection. I've failed. So I bought multiples.

Pocket-sized pick-me-up: EBoost is my energy/immunity/vitamin shot to go. I add a packet to a bottle of water, and I especially love it on planes.

In-flight reading material: I stopped bringing big, serious books on trips. I never have any time to read anything longer than magazine articles anyway. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is breezy, fun, and smart, the kind of book you can pick up for 25 minutes while you wait on line at immigration.

Beauty department: Travel Hair Rules: 1. Hotel blow dryers usually stink. 2. I don't want to waste time doing hair anyway. 3. Spray a little B&B Tonic. 4. Good to go.

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