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9 Podcast Episodes for Tuned-In Travelers

by California Chaney
Juja Photo by Devon Divine/Unsplash.

A podcast selection for every type of traveler, explorer, and wanderer to download now.

Traveler Type: The OOTO Business Bro

Podcast: Masters of Scale
Episode: "Handcrafted" with Brian Chesky of Airbnb
At this point in time, it's crazy to think of the world without Airbnb and its unique, home-y, adventurous alternatives to traditional hotel stays. This hour-long podcast showcases the co-founder's wild and eccentric company origin story and futuristic ideas. It's about travel, but it's also about problem solving, delivering service, and scaling businesses by working backwards and building everything by hand.

Traveler Type: The Hotel Obsessive

Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show
Episode: "The Art of Hospitality: An Interview with Entrepreneur and Hotelier Liz Lambert"
At the intersection of elegance and rock-n-roll, Liz Lambert creates fresh and desirable hotel experiences for a thriving community of nomads in Texas and beyond. Listen as Tim Ferriss digs into Lambert's history, great gut instincts, and the documentary she made about her first foray into hospitality — running a fleabag motel conversion on a seedy street in Austin (now considered the quintessential Austin hotel). These days, the lauded industry vet has a wildly successful hospitality company and a lot of good stories to share.

Photo courtesy of NASA.

Traveler Type: The Stargazer

Podcast: Radiolab
Episode: "Dark Side of the Earth"
The Radiolab hosts dial into Mission Control to talk to astronaut Mark Vande on their iPads while he's in outer space traveling at 17,000 miles an hour. They peer into the spaceship’s cupola from their screens, zooming from the Rockies to the East Coast in minutes. Vande describes the feeling of seeing these incredible images of Earth and talks about that which surprises him (i.e.: just how thin the Earth's atmosphere is). Afterwards, the Radiolab guys call NASA and listen to awesome hold music before connecting to Dave Wolf, another astronaut, who describes the pure, absolute darkness of space, and how incredible it is to go on spacewalks.

Traveler Type: The Expat

Podcast: Rough Translation
Episode: "Om Alone in India"
How are the things we talk about in the United States being talked about elsewhere in the world? Gregory Warner tells stories that follow familiar conversations into unfamiliar territory. This particular episode is about international summer solstice yoga day, something seemingly innocuous in NYC's Central Park — escalating to something else entirely (dangerous!) in India.

Traveler Type: The Trendsetter

Podcast: Of A Kind
Episode: "Traveling and Drinking"
The founders of the storytelling-meets-fashion commerce site chatter about various travel topics in a conversational tone. They hone in on traveling, drinking, and traveling while drinking, mention some of their favorite websites (ahem!) and apps, discuss Global Entry, and rattle off a few of their essential travel products.

Photo by Eaters Collective/ Unsplash.

Traveler Type: The Foodie

Podcast: The Splendid Table
Episode: "Eating in the Instagram Era"
Here's an inside look at food and identity through the lenses of social media, Instant Pot/multi-cookers, social protest, rediscovered roots, and shopping behavior. Francis Lam of NPR learns how restaurants strive, plate, and serve their food to maximize their Instagrammability. He ponders existential questions — if you didn’t take a picture of your food, did you really eat it? — and asks whether documentation is the best way to track what you eat.

Traveler Type: The History Buff

Podcast: 99% Invisible
Episode: "The Speed of Light for Building Pyramids"
The last standing of the original Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramids of Giza remain an engineering phenomena of impossible odds. Steve Burrows investigates the construction of the Giza Pyramids through the eyes of a modern-day structural engineer.

Traveler Type: The Photographer

Podcast: The Darkroom Podcast
Episode: "Influencing Travel with Tiny Atlas"
Emily Nathan of Tiny Atlas Quarterly, a photography-led magazine and creative agency, speaks to the hustle of being a full-time travel/lifestyle photographer and how she views her own work as an influential travel source for so many people.

Photo by Rawpixel/Unsplash.

Traveler Type: The Networker

Podcast: Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso
Episode: "Melissa Biggs-Bradley, Founder & CEO Indagare"
The CEO of travel website and members-only travel agency speaks about her journey to turn her lifelong love of travel into a successful business and shares tips on how to travel on the cheap and how to constantly keep exploring, even if it's only within your three-block radius.

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