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Dream Weaver Bags that Go the Distance

by Pavia Rosati
The St. Barths tote. Photo courtesy of Naghedi.

It’s not surprising that women regularly stop me — on the street, in elevators, in hotel lobbies — to ask where I got the awesome tote I carry, because I only learned about Naghedi when I stopped a friend to ask where I could get the awesome tote she was carrying.

Naghedi bags are the creation of Sara Naghedi, who channeled decades working in accessories into a collection that’s at once stylish and practical, trendy and timeless, eco-conscious and chic. The holy grail of accessories, you might say — or I’d say.

The ten styles and shapes invoke dreamy destinations and ideas, among them St. Barths (tote), Laguna (crossbody), Portofino (cosmetics case), Salina (pouch), Nomad (hobo), Kyoto (velvet clutch), and Tulum (fringed tote).

Other than Kyoto, Naghedi bags are made from neoprene, a sustainable material not typically seen outside wetsuits, in a signature thin or thick weave, handmade by artisans who produce no more than two per day. Yes, the bags are reminiscent of Bottega Veneta, minus the leather and hefty price point, two qualities I won’t miss.

Naghedi chose neoprene for its durability, and I suspect opted to weave it for strength. I can attest to both: I’ve been carrying a medium St Barths constantly for a year, stuffing it with laptop, magazines, pouches, and all manner of nonsense — and it looks as good today as it did when I pulled it out of the slip cover. That includes the underside, which — poor thing — has spent way too much time on not-very-pristine bar, restaurant, and airport floors. 

My beloved tote is also an ideal travel companion. It weighs next to nothing and folds flat into a suitcase or slides easily into a larger carry-on tote. The short handles are comfortable in my hands and fit snugly over my shoulder.

The bags come in solid colors (go-with-anything neutrals like olive, slate, onyx, as well as punchy shades of pink, orange, and yellow) or dual-tone patterns (plaid, ombre, geometric squares). A few come in different sizes and others with matching pouches.

So many bags with so many fun variables. So many thoughtful, artisanal, and responsible qualities. So many reasons to love them.

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The complete Naghedi collection is available online at Select styles are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Shopbop

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