Music for Traveling Ears: Living Room Sessions

by Christine Wei

Courtesy of The Living Room Sessions

Many things we love about Northern California have been caught on film in Living Room Sessions, a music video series where artists jam on an orange couch in various outdoor locations: perched above surf swells in Santa Cruz, huddled under a pagoda in Japantown, splayed out in the middle of San Francisco's Delores Park.

Views of the Golden State aside, we appreciate the sense of place these music productions evoke. After all, the two are intrinsically linked. (What's a movie without a soundtrack?) The White Buffalo's easy tunes complement a waning tide. Song Preservation Society's bouncy harmonies waft through the grassy fields of Duboce Park.

The emotional vibrance of a certain melody can remind us of the energy and personality of cities or change our perspectives about them. Sometimes NYC sounds like syncopated keyboard typing and brewing coffee (or maybe that's just our office). What does your city sound like?


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