Eye Candy

An Insider's Tour of Downtown Los Angeles

by Emily Malan

Pie Hole's breakfast hand pie. All photos by Emily Malan.

Photographer and habitual traveler Emily Malan took us on a tour of her old stomping grounds, Downtown Los Angeles, now one of the city's most popular up-and-coming neighborhoods.

LOS ANGELES – I lived in Los Angeles from 2007 to 2010 when I attended a private art university in Pasadena. Once I graduated, I decided to live in Downtown LA (DTLA) for an extra six months before moving to New York City. I loved the energy of the area then. My friends lived on Spring and 6th and 7th, and the best bars, parties, and restaurants were all happening there. It was the early stages of gentrification. Everybody knew each other and we all hung out. I even had a favorite local character, a homeless man named Rickey the Pirate. I like going back to reminisce, but also to see what's new and how the neighborhood is progressing.



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