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Meet Our Guest Instagrammers: Stefaan duPont and Sarah Murphy

by Stefaan duPont and Sarah Murphy

Waterfront camping on Lake Hawea, New Zealand. Photo by Stefaan duPont. 

We're thrilled that Stefaan duPont and Sarah Murphy are taking over our @FathomWaytoGo Instagram feed this week. The design duo behind beautiful photoblog Miles and Miles, who are among our 24 Best Travel Instagrammers 2015, talked to us about their photography style and what it's like to travel as a pair.

Tell us a little about yourself.

In 2012, we left our full-time design jobs in New York to travel the world for a year. We worked together to share the story of our travels and adopted social media as a tool to connect with people who inspire us. Miles and Miles was initially just an archive of imagery from the places we had been, but since our year abroad ended, we've been working hard to make it into a resource for travelers. We want to inspire others by creating beautiful content.

Describe your photography styles.

We have different styles that go together well. Sarah has a textile design background and is drawn to color and pattern. She's also a sucker for turquoise water. Stefaan is constantly looking for epic landscapes, which means our truck usually gets stuck trying to reach them. But his favorite subject to shoot is, of course, Sarah. Despite our different perspectives, we work together to curate beautiful, cohesive stories that reflect both of our styles.

What do you love most about photographing on the road?

The answer is simple. It's traveling. At the end of the day, spending time together, searching for beautiful places, and meeting people along the way is what inspires us. There's nothing like going through past photos and reliving amazing experiences.


Photo by Sarah Murphy.

Photo by Stefaan duPont.

Photo by Stefaan duPont.

Photo by Sarah Murphy.

Photo by Sarah Murphy.

Photo by Sarah Murphy.


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