In the Magazines: October 2011

by Bianca Neptune

This month's magazine digest gives you plenty of reasons to travel: the best food, clothes, art, jewelry — and all of the above.

On the Cover: The World of Style issue examines travel in conjunction with fashion. London, Milan, and Oaxaca are among this issue's featured cities.

- Rock On!: Christian L. Wright recognizes that, even though it comes with a hefty price tag, a local gemstone makes for an exquisite, unique, and beautiful souvenir. Aquiring the genuine piece, however, requires some work. This article provides tips on where and how to buy.

- The Importance of Being Bonkers: Gully Wells visits 16th-century aristocratic residences at Charleston and Sissinghurst Castle and unearths the eccentricity of some of English history's most prominent figures.

- A Modern Romance: Lesley Suter tours L.A.'s Mid-Century modernist architecture through Goldstein Residence, Stahl House, and Neutra Vdl House. The appreciation of modernism extends to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's "California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way" exhibition, running through March 25. 

- Mercado Madness: Elise Lohnen maps the best markets and shops in Oaxaca, Mexico — everything from colorful carpets to archeologically-inspired jewelry by local artisans.

On the Cover:
167 Real Food Experiences beckons foodies. Taste of Travel: 167 Places to Savor the World is a compilation of firsthand dining accounts, descriptions of cultural dishes, and the best food festivals.

- A Fisher of Men: Keith Bellows interviews chef and advocate Barton Seaver, who is changing the way seafood is distributed and eaten by championing diversification.

- Southwest Dream Catches: Christopher Hall looks at hotels with Native American influence popping up in Arizona and New Mexico.

- The Way of the Warrior: Jeannie Ralston road trips from modern Athens to Marathon.

On the Cover:
T+L's 40 Trips of a Lifetime commemorates their 40th anniversary: Napa, Moscow, London, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Rio, Istanbul, and more. 

- 40 People, Places, and Things That Have Revolutionized the Face of Travel: Aimee Lee Ball assembles a comprehensive list of innovations that have made traveling easier, comfier, and more enjoyable. Isn't it crazy that wheeled suitcases did not exist before 1987?

- The Next Great Escapes: Colleen Clark surveys not-so-well-known escapes in the United States that are a short drive from NYC, LA, DC, and Atlanta.

- The City of Tomorrow: Karrie Jacobs observes how the meticulously planned eco-friendly city of Almere, Netherlands, might preview of the future of city planning.

- The Shopping Centers: T+L dishes on their favorite markets in London, Bangkok, New York City, and Buenos Aires.

- Paris's Asia Influenced Style: Heather Smith MacIsaac uncovers a revival of Asian style and cuisine in Paris.

- Roma Sparita, Then and Now: The eternal city...or is it? Justin Davidson reflects on memory, archive, and change in Rome during the digital age.

On the Cover: Wallpaper dedicates this issue to guest editors Christian Marclay and Kraftwerk, and their audio-visual approach to art. 

Planet Schrager: Renown hotelier Ian Schrager talks about Public, his new retro-inspired hotel chain, which launched in Chicago in September 2011.

- Christian Marclay Out Loud: Visual artist and composer Christian Marclay puts his latest, "Manga Scroll," into visual context.

- Kraftwerk in 3D: The electronic band gives a peek at their 3D portfolio.

We covered the September/October issue in our September roundup, but here it is again. Most of their stories are not online. But we love the magazine anyway.

On the cover: Get Local inspires travelers to consider the global destinations closest to the homestead. (If only Amsterdam was a short train ride away.)

-Stokholm, Toronto, Sarajevo, and Western Uganda, where local highlights include a converted jail hotel, mad scientist bartenders, nomadic villages, and Ugandan Akaboozi (Lugandan for "gossip").

-Snack on chaat in Mumbai's street markets and get a recipe for pao bhaji.

-Spanish Steps explores the gypsy roots of Andalusian dance company Taller Flamenco

-Palermo Viejo: Javier Gover is working, fathering, and eating in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.

We make every effort to ensure the information in our articles is accurate at the time of publication. But the world moves fast, and even we double-check important details before hitting the road.