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Where to Go from London

by Team Fathom
Let Becks take you for a ride. Photo: Movie Line

London is a gateway not only to the rest of the United Kingdon but also to Europe. Many airports and lots of train stations make exiting the capital very easy, for short or long hauls. 


A day trip from London is a chance to see the green countryside. The Royal Windsor Racecourse is not as fabulous as Ascot, but it's a chance to dress up and gamble.
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The graffiti and street art scene is thriving west of London, led by Banksy, supported by the government, and instigated by turf wars.
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The kids are restless, time and tempers are short. Take an effortless train ride down to the coast of Cornwall. Fowey Hall in the picture-postcard town of Fowey (pronounced "foy") is the answer. 
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Make your way south from Dublin or Cork and end up in the charming seaside village of Kinsale. Worth it for lunch alone.
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A quick train ride will land you in the most romantic city in the world. Spend the weekend like a local, take a literary tour, sidle up to a classic bar, or never leave your immaculate hotel.
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A locavore driving tour from Glasgow to the Trossachs to Speyside to Edinburgh. The days are divided by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and whisky (with stops in places like Scone, for your food-centric edification). 
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Going to London for the food? Detour to Wales, where the food scene is thriving, and try your hand at farming, foraging, and feasting on local delights.
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