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Links We Love: 9/15/2018

by Team Fathom
Miya/LostVilla Miya/LostVilla Huchen Barn Resort. Photo by Su Shengliang.

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Earlier this year, jetsetting journalist Sophy Roberts spent time with Les Sapeurs, a subculture in the Congo with a very specific, gentleman-like dress code that brings a totally different sense of style to Sub-Saharan Africa. Start here, here, and here.  Berit, senior editor

This former grain storage facility turned sophisticated rural retreat outside Hangzhou, China, wins points for modern design that doesn't stray far from its roots. – Daniel, Fathom editor

Praise be to Ocean Cleanup's new multi-million dollar floating boom, a lofty apparatus determined to clean up 150,000 pounds of plastic from The Great Garbage Patch, an incredibly unfortunate vortex of trash swirling between California and Hawaii. That's just in year one. By the end of five years, if all goes well, the hope is that it can clean up half of the 1.8 trillion pieces of detritus in the Pacific. – Jeralyn, editorial director

I just found out about The Moon Lists, a charming website/newsletter created by Leigh Patterson and inspired by photographer Sam Elliot's practice of taking stock of his life with every full moon. This month's profiles includes Yolanda Edwards, Conde Nast Traveler's creative director (and my pal), and her charming summer trip to Greece. - Pavia, CEO

My brother just moved to Seattle, so I'm slowly building a list of all the places I want to see, things I want to do, and restaurants I want to eat at when I visit. The newest addition to my list: the recently revived Queen City, a stylish bar neighborhood bar in Belltown.  Berit

KLM just launched a feature that should come standard on all airline apps: An augmented reality tool that tells you if your carry-on is too big. – Daniel

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Nepalese sel roti. Photo by Daniel Schwartz.

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