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Links We Love: 9/1/2018

by Team Fathom
Kyrgyzstan Photo by Albert Dros.

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Greenland has been popping up more and more in the travelsphere lately as one of those places you have to visit before the climate changes it irreparably. Environmental photographer Daniel Beltrá's stunning work Greenland is a reminder of the scale at which this is happening already. – Daniel, Fathom editor

Speaking of climate change, the NYT made a neat interactive chart measuring how much hotter it is today than the day you were born in the place you were born. Get ready to sweat when you see future temperature predictions for your hometown. – Jeralyn, editorial director

After receiving a pair of Apple AirPods last Christmas, I haven't gone wireless since — with the exception of when I'm on an airplane. That's about to change, thanks to this new device that pairs wireless headphones with in-flight entertainment systems. – Berit, senior editor

New York City continues to make better use of its surrounding waters. NYC Ferry has just added new Lower East Side route, connecting Long Island City, Queens, to Wall Street, with stops along the eastern side of Manhattan. So much nicer than traveling by subway. - Pavia, CEO

From Albert Dros' landscape photography, Kyrgyzstan looks like the most beautiful place on Earth. – Daniel

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