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Links We Love: 8/16/2014

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Turkish shoes we're all coveting. Photo: Courtesy of @thesabahdealer.

What we're clicking on this week (when we're not watching old comedy clips).

From a boat to a teepee, this man is spending a year Airbnb-hopping. Way to live like a local! – Becky, editorial assistant

I'd like to get my hands on a pair of these super cute Sabah shoes made in Turkey. – Berit, assistant editor

Underwater explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau is opening a dive center on the private island resort Petite St. Vincent. A marine biologist will give tours of the sea floor. – Jeralyn, editorial director

A fascinating day in the life of one New York City's yellow taxicabs– Berit, assistant editor

Climb Mount Everest virtually through this interactive site. Created by Discovery Channel for the Sherpa Family Fund, it's a beautiful and haunting tribute to the 16 sherpas who passed away in the tragic avalanche earlier this year. Turn up the volume, sound effects are included. – Becky, editorial assistant

THIS WEEK ON FATHOM: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Gansbaai Seal Decoy Shark

A great white attacks a seal decoy. Photo by Mille Vardheim

Volunteer with Great Whites in Gansbaai, South Africa.

Crudo at the bar in Maine.

Freedive with sharks in Honduras.

Blissfully ignore five terrifying shark facts.

Bring home your own spa from the Dead Sea.


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