Links We Love: 2/02/14

by None

A shot from Scorsese's New York montage. 

What we're clicking on this week (when we're not eating Super Bowl apps).

Free airport lounge food for a whole year? Not sure it's on my wish list, but this man certainly gamed the system. – Berit, assistant editor

See New York through Martin Scorsese's lens. – Becky, editorial assistant

Play the most elaborate digital Where's Waldo along the streets of Seattle in this interactive multi-billion-pixel panoramic image. – Becky, editorial assistant

I'll be planning my next trip around the state with the best signature cocktail. New Mexico, see you soon! – Berit, assistant editor

Looking for the girl described here. Add me on Facebook if you are that girl. – Daniel, editorial intern

Checking how often the word "twerk" is used in rap songs. The perfect way to kill time during a layover. – Daniel, editorial intern

Riveted by Vanity Fair's profile of France's most famous dominatrix. She's 83 and 4'11". – Pavia, founder