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Links We Love: 11/24/2018

by Team Fathom
Fosbury Photo by Jeroen Verrecht / courtesy of Fosbury and Sons.

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This is one of the chicest co-working spaces I've seen so far. If only I lived in Belgium. – Daniel, Fathom editor

I'm already dreaming about summer vacation on the coast of Maine. This newly revived inn in Wiscasset has my name all over it. – Berit, senior editor 

I'm going to incorporate some of these fun parlor games into my holiday dinner parties. You don't need much for any of them — deck of cards, pair of spoons, paper, pens. – Jeralyn, editorial director

This startup is redefining the gift of travel by selling fly-by-the-hour airline gift cards. – Daniel

So random! Love this totally bizarre and fantastic tour of a Japanese KitKat factory. – Jeralyn

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