Eye Candy

Village Life in Le Marche, Italy

by Katie McKnoulty

Cute cars in the Italian countryside. All photos by Katie McKnoulty.

Katie McKnoulty of The Travelling Light, one of our 24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites, took over our Ingstagram account while in the Italian countryside. We're still thinking of her dreamy photographs.

LE MARCHE, Italy – I spend about a month every year in a rural medieval town in Le Marche, living the quiet life among the locals: visiting markets in the square every Saturday morning for my weekly shopping, taking aperitivos in the late afternoon, going for bike rides and walks through the countryside, eating pasta at the local restaurant. Many people call Le Marche one of the last undiscovered regions of Italy. It's not touristy, it's relatively cheap, there are lots of little hilltop towns, and village living is real and unadulterated. It's a unique and authentic little piece of the world.

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