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An Architect’s View of Kyoto

by Kevin Mak

Traditional influences in modern spaces. All photos by Kevin Mak.

Architect Kevin Mak, one of our 24 Best Travelers on Instagram, took us on a #FathomTakeover through the ancient streets of Kyoto. He shares his favorite photos from a family trip to Japan's Imperial capital.

KYOTO, Japan – After ten years of not traveling with one another, my parents, sister, and I decided it was time to make a change. For the occasion, we decided to visit Kyoto. The city has served as the old capital for Japan for more than 1,000 years, preserving the country's rich history while becoming one of the most developed and advanced cities in the world. Through the diverse cityscape, culture, and people, we saw some of the world's most beautiful places, experienced the subtle sophistication of the locals in their urban but still traditional way of living, and were received with the warmest of hospitality. It was a truly memorable family vacation.


Escape to the streets of Kyoto, Japan


Kevin Mak on Instagram
Kevin's portfolio on Fathom

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