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Is This the Perfect Travel Jacket?

by Daniel Schwartz
Knot Photo courtesy of Knot Standard.

Looking for the perfect travel jacket? This bespoke blazer may just be it.

Every jet-setting gentleman should have a good blazer to set the tone for business meetings, fancy dinners, or spontaneous upgrades. A great travel jacket should look and feel good in any situation — hauling through the airport and seated for hours on the plane included. The best kind of jacket holds its shape for hours without creasing or causing you to overheat. It fits right, giving you a full range of motion while stowing luggage in the overhead bin.

The travel jacket from Knot Standard checks all the boxes. Made from lightweight, wrinkle- and water-resistant fabric without a heavy liner, the unstructured blazer is as easy to rock as it to pack in your suitcase. Made from super 140s wool imported from Italy, the fabric feels incredibly luxurious but is durable and breathable like athletic wear. Put to the test, the jacket is extremely versatile. When space in your suitcase is limited, being able to pack one jacket that’ll go with just about anything is a big deal.

That said, many brands tout durable, versatile, stylish travel jackets. What sets this one apart? Knot Standard is a bespoke men’s outfitter, which means your jacket is made to measure just for you over the course of a few weeks. 

The process starts with a consultation in a Knot Standard showroom (they have locations in most big American cities) with one of the brand’s style advisors, who runs you through options for your jacket — color, fabric, stitching, number of buttons, type of pockets, style of lapel, custom embroidery in the interior (like initials or a special date) — and then takes your full-body measurements. If you’re not the most fashion savvy, the stylists are great picking up a vibe and guiding you through the process. In a few weeks, you return to make sure the jacket fits right. If anything looks off, the blazer returns for alterations until the look and feel is perfect.

Should you want a pair of pants or a dress shirt to pair with your new purchase, your stylist can pull up your shopping history to help you make a purchase that will fit with your wardrobe. Since your measurements are stored in the system after your initial consultation, you can make this and all future purchases without having to come into the showroom. And if you can't make it to a showroom in the first place, Knot Standard will walk you through how to take your measurements on your own. But it’s never a bad idea to stop in: Meeting with a stylist in person, flipping through swatch books, and feeling the product you’re buying ensures you’re getting exactly what you want. Plus, they have a handsome wooden bar in the showroom, and they mix up a stiff drink.

The Takeaway

Knot Standard's travel jacket is sort of like a Swiss army knife: You can style it in a variety of ways and wear it out for most occasions without having to worry about creasing it or shedding it for something lighter or more versatile. But it's not for everyone. The fitting process takes time, and you won’t get the instant satisfaction of entering a store and exiting with a flashy new purchase. With an $800 price tag, it should be considered an investment piece. If you need a blazer immediately or on the cheap, there are plenty of ready-to-wear options that will more than suffice. But if you’re looking to advance your wardrobe, or want to give a gift to the traveler who has everything, this is it.

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Available at for $795. 

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