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Want Too-Good-to-Be-True Hotel Deals and Discounts? Welcome to Fathom Escapes

by Team Fathom
Secret Photo courtesy of Secret Bay.

When we launched Fathom eight years ago, it was with the goal of making the world feel smaller and more accessible, and to help you travel as often and easily as possible.

We’re pleased to announce the next step in making this mission come true: We’ve launched Fathom Escapes, a new Sunday email newsletter filled with limited-time offers on luxury hotels all over the world.

The deals and discounts are deep and impressive — 40% off Villa Casa Casaurina in Miami, 65% off an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, 48% off Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley. Business travelers will be happy to see New York, Chicago, and Boston for around $100 (or less!) per night.

No need to shop around. No need to open 15 browsers to compare Kayak to Expedia to the other guy. These rates are the best you’ll find online during the sale. That’s the guarantee. No surprises either: You’ll know the hotel, you can select your dates, and you can choose your room type.

Sound good? We agree. If you'd like to know about these deals, click here to subscribe. You can always change your preferences, including switching to daily Fathom Escapes emails.

Fathom Escapes is a partnership with Secret Escapes, a UK-based, members-only travel company known for making incredible travel deals.

As ever, happy travels!

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