Packing List: Fashion Editor Kym Canter

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Kym making friends in Jaipur and in Kuwait.

The fashion pack is spinning the globe on the latest round of fashion weeks for fall/winter 2013. We decided to see how Kym Canter packs. She literally travels for the stuff — specifically to find products to sell on L'Atitude, the brilliant travel-meets-fashion company where she's the creative director. Not surprisingly, hers is an incredibly stylish suitcase

On Staying Healthy: I travel with a small CVS in my bag. Love Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine for day and night, Advil, and endless forms of hand sanitizer. I am obsessed with GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract. This is the best elixir ever. It will keep away all sickness for stomach, head cold, you name it. I never leave home without it.

Souvenir: I used to save French metro tickets to use a s gift tags. I saved the burlap newspaper bag from the Taj Palace hotel and use it on the beach. And I don't go anywhere without my plush rabbit companion, Star von Bunny.

In-flight outfit: I always put a look together, always all black, usually my most comfy jeans or legging with layers. Always a scarf and cashmere sweater for the plane over a tee and slip-off flat shoes. I usually travel to hot places, so I just wear my Ric Owens lightweight leather jacket and, if it's winter, leave a fur with my driver for pick-up at airport.

Snacks: I always have enough snacks to open a bodega. I'm consumed by the thought of being stuck on tarmac with no food, even if I am in business class. I try for healthy snacks, like trail mix, gummy bears, Swedish fish, or dried apple or mango. But my friends and I have a rule that you can eat anything on a travel day, so maybe I also have a white macadamia nut cookie.