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In Focus: Truck Driving Children and Yemen's 24-Hour Market

by Berit Baugher
Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar. All photos by Darren Ornitz.

We're always pleasantly surprised by the accomplishments of our childhood friends, and Darren Ornitz is no exception. Upon graduating from college in 2008, Ornitz, a photographer by trade, has become a globetrotter — making his way around the world in search of the perfect photo op. A particular trip through Africa and the Middle East caught our eye. Whether it's a boy doing a flip mid-air or a lobster diver with a fresh catch, his intimate take on the daily lives of his subjects makes you feel like you're right there alongside him. In addition to setting up a travel, fine art, and commercial photography studio, Ornitz is also a licensed United States Coast Guard Captain and the co-founder of American Pressed Bakery. We asked him to share his favorite photographs as well as what he was thinking while taking them.

"I was walking down the beach when I came across these women and girls wearing traditional Swahili dress — they were on their way home from collecting sea urchins. Some photographs are taken with thought and precision — others, like this one, are simply about being in the right place at the right time."

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