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How to Have a Stress-Free Flight

by Stephanie Whittier

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There are so many unpleasant things about getting on a plane. The way your body feels when you land tops the list. One of our best tips for easing muscle tension in-flight involves T Spheres aromatherapy massage balls. We asked our pal, T Spheres creator Stephanie Whittier, for five easy tips that can work with any small ball that you like to stash in your travel bag. 

1. Hands: Start by taking a deep breathe, allowing the aromatherapy to start working on the central nervous system. Next, squeeze T Spheres (or any small but firm balls) in your hands — for anxiety and palm reflex points. This will ignite the internal mechanisms of the self-healing system (homeostasis) to relax. Great for take off and landing.

2. Upper Torso: Gently roll T Spheres (one or both) across your chest, neck, and arms. This generates blood flow and calms the nervous system. 

3. Back: Place T Spheres behind you between your shoulder blades and the seat. Take a normal breath and push your back into the balls to release aches for instant destress and anxiety relief. Add a slight side-to-side movement, placing the ball in different spots along your back until you find the spot that feels best.

4. Thighs: Hold a ball in each hand and place hands palm-down on the side of each thigh. Gently push into tension points up and down thighs. This is great for thrombosis prevention and general leg stimulation.

5. Feet: Place T Spheres under your feet and, using your body weight for pressure, roll your foot across the balls — back and forth and side to side and any way that feels good. You'll work your body's reflex points of major organs, muscles, and the spine when you press down on the sensitive areas. By releasing tension here, you release tension all over.

These moves, by the way, aren't limited to the plane. You can do them at your desk, in your hotel, in a taxi. Wherever you happen to be feeling tense — and don't mind if people around you see your rolling in action.  


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