It's Always Tea Time Somewhere

by Jennie Ripps

Photos: Courtesy of The Teaologist.

This is the first installment of tea drinking tips, historical bits, etiquette, and advice from Jennie Ripps of The Teaologist, the NYC-based company that creates custom tea blends and cocktails for restaurants, hotels, and events like Sundance and the Super Bowl.

My interest in tea was piqued over six years ago, when I began to realize the rich and unique health benefits and flavors that different brews offered. I am continually inspired by my travels and always seek out local tea traditions in both famous and hole-in-the-wall salons (my favorite is Mariage Freres in Paris). I also love creating custom functional blends with herbs from all over to defeat travel wear and tear (dehydration, sudden colds, grouchy stomachs, dry skin, puffy eyes, fatigue). Tea can also transform a hotel bathroom into a spa: Float lavender in a bath to soothe sore muscles; ginger to detox; comfrey to create a natural moisturizer.

It's amazing how a simple little tea bag can help the body adjust to new altitudes, time zones, and destinations. I like to keep a few bags in my carry-on at all times, but there are some truly accessible teas you can find anywhere in the world that can do a body good. Just add water.


A great choice for the morning after an international flight. It calms the stomach and enhances focus. Because it's naturally caffeine free, it refreshes without any jitters.


Instantly reduces nausea and upset stomachs.


Stave off jet lag by swapping an espresso for a robust black tea when changing time zones.

Chamomile, Lavender, Lemongrass, Vanilla, Verbena

These soothing ingredients help decompress after stressful travel.


Maximize hydration by sipping naturally electrolyte-rich (and caffeine-free) berry tisanes.


Drink while flying to nip headaches in the bud.


Antioxidant-rich tea replenishes the system and skin after sitting in recycled, drying, free radical-filled, cell-damaging cabin air.


Re-use a cooled bag to reduce puffiness in the eye area.



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