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Create Vacation Vibes at Home with These 9 Little Luxuries

by Berit Baugher

Travel-inspired candles from Ethics Supply Co. Photo courtesy of Stich Desgin Co.

Your days of a guaranteed spring break may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few of the perks that come with hotel living from the comfort of your home. Sleep in with the help of a silk mask or use a fragrant candle to make your home smell like Hawaii. Here are a handful of small luxuries to help create a vacation vibe at home.

The Ethical Silk Company Eye Mask

1.The Ethical Silk Company Eye Mask, $30.

When hotel-grade blackout shades aren't an option, opt for an eco mulberry silk and organic cotton eye mask.

Ethics Supply Co. Haleakala’s House of the Sun Candle

2. Ethics Supply Co. Haleakala's House of the Sun Candle, $40.

Notes of black tea leaf, smoked seashell, and rich tobacco transport you to the summit of Maui's towering Haleakala volcano.

Local + Lejos Tierra Blanket

3. Local + Lejos Tierra Blanket, $150.

Handwoven in Guatemala by a collective of women artisans, the striped wool blanket will provide endless hours of cozy lounging and feel-good vibes. A month of electricity is provided to a local family every time a blanket is sold.

Palermo Body Replenishing Salt Soak

4. Palermo Body Replenishing Salt Soak, $32.

Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts help remove toxins, stimulate circulation, and sooth sore muscles. Sprinkle a palmful of the jasmine sumac and geranium scented salts in a warm bath for a relaxing soak.

Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel

5. Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel, $19.

Instead of traditional takeout fare, try your hand at creating a recipe from Heidi Swanson's healthy vegetarian cookbook. Inspired by her travels to Morocco, Japan, Italy, France, and India, recipes include soba noodles with feather-light tempura and fragrant Marrakech flatbreads.

Stevie Howell Silk Robe

6. Stevie Howell Silk Robe, $395.

A silky, floral robe ensures the utmost comfort while lounging in bed and playing catch up with your Netflix queue.

ESYM Aromatherapy Scent Pod

7. ESYM Aromatherapy Scent Pod, $25.

Transform any space into a Zen retreat with a portable aromatherapy pod that comes in scents like Parisian Morning and Curacao Breeze.

Terrain Serving Tray

8. Terrain Serving Tray, $59.

A beautiful copper and brass tray, because — even if you make it yourself — breakfast in bed is always a treat.

Liddabit Sweets Snacker Candy Bar

9. Liddabit Sweets Snacker Candy Bar, $10.

Made with quality ingredients in Brooklyn, the decadent chocolate and caramel candy bar is an upgraded version of your standard hotel room fare — with a price tag to match (it's worth it).


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