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Hot Girl Summer: Feeling Caliente

by Team Fathom

Photo by Levi Guzman / Unsplash.

If it’s good enough for Meghan Thee Stallion, it’s good enough for us. Yet another Hot Girl Summer is approaching, which brings to mind the very sexy, sensual, sybaritic places we’ve visited recently. Make this summer stand out by leaning into that inner goddess goodness. Better brush up on your Spanish, too, as we’re teasing you with intel on:

  • That sultry Balearic island and international party destination
  • A swanky Spanish playground on a slice of Mediterranean heaven
  • The private Mexican jungle estate where Cindy Crawford bared all for Playboy


Speedboats on speed dial, lounging at the beach clubs, dancing until dawn, shopping the boho markets, making time to catch the sunset, leaving sleep to the imagination — or sinking into an eco conscious slumber.

150 beats per minute, sangria-fueled lunches, mythical mermaid coves.

Retro ravers, wellness seekers, bohemians in resort wear.

Hotel rooms in Ibiza can often serve more as luggage locker than restful retreat, as music on the White Isle echoes from every cove and cerulean crevasse, and the party blurs between a.m. and p.m. There are amazing hotels across the island though. The southern side near the Old Town is the party hub with trendy rooftops, poolside DJs, and playful boho design. The north point and its jagged coastline offer a slower and more wellness-focused pace with boutique eco lodges and transformational spa retreats. Some sultry selects:

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