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Does Your Lovely Home Sit Empty While You Travel?

by Team Fathom

You could be staying here. All photos courtesy of onefinestay.

This post was sponsored by onefinestay.

Let's consider a real estate conundrum. Let's assume that you are lucky enough to live in New York City, Los Angeles, London, or Paris, and that you adore your home. You love the outdoor bedroom encased in a bubble. You love the indoor wraparound balcony. And you love the trapeze in the living room.



Now let's assume that you're not at this magical home as often as you'd like to be because you travel. Whether it's for work or for pleasure, you're far too familiar with the sandwich toppings at your preferred airport's food court.

So you're left with a home you love but don't see enough. A home that sits empty and lonely while you're away. What to do?

Share the love and let a well-heeled traveler enjoy your home when you can't. Onefinestay, the upscale service that offers guests the chance to stay in distinctive private homes and apartments, can make it happen.

Apartment sharing programs are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to hotels. Everyone wants to live like a local, and staying in an actual home is the best way to do it.

You're interested in the idea, because who wouldn't want to make a little extra money? But you're nervous about the process. Who will your guest be? Will they respect your beloved home? Will it all be worth it?


It will if you do it the right way. Onefinestay carefully manages all the details associated with having guests stay in your home so you don't lift a finger. Onefinestay handles bookings, vets guests, and ensures that your home is clean, tidy, and secure before you walk back through the door. It's an effortless way to earn extra money to pay for your travels.

Your guests enjoy the character and space of a real home with some of the luxuries of a boutique hotel including bedding, toiletries, maid service, 24/7 access to onefinestay's front desk, and an iPhone stocked with local tips from you, the caring homeowner.

Your wonderful, charming home gets love and attention. You get to travel even more often. And everyone is a winner.


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This post was sponsored by onefinestay.

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