Eye Candy

Seeking Scuba, Sculpture, and Spice in Grenada

by James Sturz

A writer's work is never done. All photos by James Sturz.

Fathom's contributing koan editor James Sturz explores the goings on above and below sea level in this photographic report from the little-visited Caribbean island Grenada.

GRENADA – I'm writing this from 22 feet underwater, in the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park in Moliniere Bay, Grenada. Started in 2006 as the world’s first underwater sculpture gallery by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, it only takes a scuba dive or snorkel — or languorous cruise along the surface in a glass-bottom boat — to wend your way past more than 60 sculptures, each of them cast in cement and covered by coral.


Sandals LaSource Grenada, just outside St. George's, is the island's best choice for accommodations. It's an all-inclusive resort, which includes nearly unlimited scuba diving. Top-tier rooms come with butler service. You don't have to be a couple to visit, but you won't find any twin beds.

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