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The Stroller for Parents Who Need Their Space

by Jeralyn Gerba

Make that gear disappear. All photos courtesy of GB.


A design-friendly solution for the stroller set.

So many universal truths are revealed to new parents in such a short amount of time! Love is unconditional. That silk shirt will be stained forever. There is too much baby crap in the house.

When it comes to the traveling family, parents will try just about anything to reduce the sheer volume of stuff that must be crammed into an overhead compartment or rental car trunk. And then comes GB Pockit, the world's smallest folding stroller. (Fun factoid: It actually won the title from the Guinness Book of World Records.) The sleek black pram is small and strong and can be opened and closed with a breezy, two-step technique. Kids up to 55 pounds will find it comfortable and cozy with its sun canopy, and it's fine used as a high chair in a pinch.

Here's a thoughtful touch: The Pockit stands on its own when folded, making it easy to tuck beside a chair or under a table at a restaurant. The 21" footprint and double wheel axels make it very easy to maneuver (even with one hand) down narrow streets or airplane aisles.

unfolded stroller

Sleek and sturdy, with a carriage underneath for carrying all that extra stuff that comes with having a baby.

compact fold

So small it can fit in a shoulder bag.

The Takeaway

This is the kind of smart, resourceful, problem-solving technology that should be applied to all gear and everyday gadgets. The GB Pockit is lightweight, compact, and very easy to store. It looks good, rolls easily, and won't break the bank.

Note: New-fangled kid products have a way of making parents feel like inept dumb-dumbs. Save face by watching a really useful video demo of the everyday fold and the ultra-compact fold.

Buy It

The GB Pockit is available at for $250.

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