Eye Candy

What 91 Days in Macedonia Looks Like

by Jürgen Horn

A street scene in Kratovo. All photos courtesy of For 91 Days.

Jürgen Horn and his partner, Mike, travel and photograph the world in three-month blocks at a time. Nice schedule. We love their photographs on For 91 Days. Here's a selection from their most recent trip to the Republic of Macedonia in the Balkans.

MACEDONIA – My partner Mike and I have always been big travelers. But since we've been together, it's turned into a full-blown addiction. We're happiest when we're on the road, exploring new cities and cultures, meeting new people and diving into new adventures. We moved from the USA to Germany to Ireland to Spain, and then one day we had an epiphany. We could just move all the time! Our jobs were mobile and we didn't have anything tying us down to a permanent location, so it seemed possible. We decided that living in four places in one year would be ideal. Ninety one days, or about three months in each place — long enough to get to know a place, but not nearly long enough to get bored by it. Since making that decision, we've visited thirteen places "for 91 days." It's been an incredible ride.

We just finished our three-month stint in Macedonia, a former Yugoslav state in the Balkans. It was one of the more unknown spots we've been to — there's not a lot of tourism here yet, but I imagine that will change soon. The country is small and struggling, but simply packed with amazing nature, ancient ruins, gorgeous mountain monasteries, mouthwatering cuisine, and some of the friendliest people we've ever met.

The more places we visit, the more addicted to travel we become. Even when we're in the middle of exploring a new country, we're constantly talking about the next spot to visit, and the one after that. It's never enough, and we'll never be satisfied — it's like we're junkies! I guess you could say we travel for the fix.

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