Eye Candy

In Focus: One-Way Ticket to Mexico

by Adrian Morris

All photos by Adrian Morris.

Booking a flight on a whim is every traveler's dream. Photographer Adrian Morris did just that when he took a leap and headed to Mexico with a carry-on, a camera, and an open mind.

MEXICO – While battling a grim London winter, my mind frequently wandered to the sunny streets of Mexico. A change of scenery was needed, so I bought a one-way ticket with no set agenda. Aside from meeting Australian friends in Mexico City, I planned to hit the road and take each day as it came.

I was treated like family by strangers, explored the Oaxaca coastline from the back of a truck, napped in mountain caves overlooking Tepoztlan, swam in natural salt pools among endless valleys in Hierve el Agua, walked through Monte Alban’s ancient ruins, made friends with a lot of dogs, and ate many quesadillas. The endless days of incredible food, beautiful coastlines, magical mountain towns, and friendly people made it one of my most memorable trips.