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In Focus: Mongolian Nomads, Argentine Glaciers, and a French Guy with a Camera

by Team Fathom
El El Calafate, Argentina, in 2009. All photos by Adrien Chabal.

One day while cruising through Flickr, we came across a series of wild photographs chronicling various subjects (grandmothers, small boys, the Chinese army) in various settings around the world (pristine mountain tops, Indian railway stations, the Gobi Desert). They were at once intimate and expansive, giving a sense of inquisitiveness and omnipotence.

We tracked down the gridskipping photographer, a French sales exec named Adrien Chabal, and asked him to tell us about some of his favorite images. We also asked about his picture-taking process. For Chabal, photography is not always about voyeurism. Sometimes, he says, interaction allows him to peek inside a culture or a place.

Regarding the image above, Chabal took it while hiking the famous Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina: "I saw this guy standing alone, like an explorer on a lost planet, or maybe like an awkward penguin."

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