It's My First Time

Nantucket: My First Time

by Becky Cheang

Gone Fishing. Nantucket Sound from the old wharf. All photos by Becky Cheang

Becky Cheang, Fathom's gregarious intern extraordinaire, decided to spend a weekend alone on the sleepy island of Nantucket. So what happened? She talked to strangers, took gorgeous pictures, and broke into at least one church. Here's the album.

NANTUCKET – Growing up in Singapore, I only heard Nantucket mentioned twice — once, in a limerick about the man who kept all his cash in a bucket. Then again in Moby Dick, which I never actually finished.

My pre-summer trip to the New England island was totally spontaneous: JetBlue had cheap flights, and I needed to get out of the city. I booked my ticket, did a quick round of pre-trip research via Fathom’s Nantucket guide, and made my way.