Fathom Questionnaire

Meet the Editor: Nayantara Kilachand

by Nayantara Kilachand

Hometown: Mumbai, India.

Occupation: Editor and founder of Mumbaiboss.com.

Favorite destinations: New York, Kenya, Goa, Paris.

Dying to visit: Botswana.

Bizarre travel rituals: Not sure if it counts as a ritual, but I almost never research a place I'm visiting. I like being surprised.

In-flight relaxation regime: Taking off my shoes, slipping into socks, and then passing out.

Always in carry-on: Pen, pencils, notebook.

Concierge or DIY? DIY.

See it all or take it easy? Depends where I'm heading, but I tend to lean towards the latter form of holidaying.

Drive or be driven? Neither. Walk or take the metro. 

Travel hero: Bruce Chatwin, Roald Dahl.

Weirdest thing seen on travels: A family eating raw chunks of beef, which were meant to be cooked in a pot of oil, at a fondue restaurant in Paris.

Best hotel amenity: The white fluffy towels!

I dream about my meal at L'EntrecĂ´te in London. It's all about the sauce and mopping it up with the fries. 

Everywhere I go, I check out the parks and gardens.

When I arrive in a new place, I learn the lay of the land by asking locals or just wandering about till I figure it out.  

I always bring home laundry.

If I never return to Casablanca, it'll be too soon because the airline lost my luggage at the airport and only returned it the day before I was leaving.

I travel for the views and the utter joy of exploring a place other than home.


Website: Mumbai Boss
Twitter: @mumbaiboss

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