Fathom Questionnaire

Meet the Food Writer: Gabriella Gershenson

by Gabriella Gershenson

Gabriella reporting from the field — a poppy field in OstÅ™edek, a village just outside Prague.

Hometown: The suburbs of Massachusetts.

Occupation: Senior editor at Saveur magazine, Food Network talking head.

Favorite destinations: Paris, Montreal, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Barcelona, Budapest. Does NYC count?

Dying to visit: Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Japan, Argentina, Portugal, and the many warm places I never seem to go.

Bizarre travel rituals: Taking a bath at the hotel every day.

In-flight relaxation regime: Earplugs, eye mask, maybe some melatonin.

Always in carry-on: Passport, outlet converter, phone charger.

Concierge or DIY? DIY, unless I need help doing something in a foreign language, like making reservations.

See it all or take it easy? That is the question! 

Drive or be driven? Be driven. 

Travel hero: My friends Rita and Mitchell. She's been everywhere in the Middle East multiple times; he eats all over the world.

Weirdest thing seen on travels: Babies in China who wear onesies with a slit in the crotch.

Best hotel amenity: Any spa anything. Oh, and Nobis Hotel in Stockholm mailed all of my postcards for me, gratis. That was nice.

I dream about my meal at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon Etoile in Paris.

Everywhere I go, I check out the grocery stores.

When I arrive in a new place, I learn the lay of the land by walking.

I always bring home sundry food items.

If I never return to Prague, it'll be too soon because I just wasn't all that charmed by it. I'm open to being converted, but after two visits, I realize I'd much rather go to Budapest.

I travel to broaden my world.

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