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Meet the Of a Kind Co-Founder: Claire Mazur

by Claire Mazur

Occupation: Co-Founder, Of a Kind.

Favorite destinations: Los Angeles, Tulum, Paris.

Dying to visit: Tokyo.

Bizarre travel rituals: Would you call it "bizarre" to spread the entire contents of a suitcase across a hotel room within five minutes of entering it? Or would you just call that "messy"?

In-flight relaxation regime: I take out the tray table and put my head on it to sleep.

Always in carry-on: Everything. One of the biggest impacts Erica has had on my life (besides being an amazing friend and business partner) is that she forbids me from checking luggage when we travel together because she doesn't want to wait around at baggage claim with me. I have to carry a lot of 3 oz. bottles with me to get all the necessary hair product through. As they say, #worthit.

Concierge or DIY? DIY. I get really neurotic and always cross-check a million different sites (Fathom included, obvi) and email multiple people to make sure I've got the best places on lock.

See it all or take it easy? Usually I give myself (and my boyfriend) whiplash trying to see it all. But I went to Tulum last month and barely left the hammock once. We didn't even go to the ruins! I didn't even shop! (Okay, just once for a sun hat but I needed that.) And you know what? It was blissful.

Drive or be driven? If it's for business, I drive and Erica navigates. If it's for pleasure, my boyfriend drives and I (try to) navigate. I wouldn't say I'm great at either task.

Travel hero: My mom. She travels so much that she is in this category on United called Global Services. It is NUTS. She's exactly like George Clooney's character in Up in the Air. There's a special line for her to go through security and she basically has the batphone to central command.

Weirdest thing seen on travels: In the Denver airport I saw the most amazing set of identical twins. They were definitely in their 80s at the youngest and were dressed exactly alike — down to the hair clips, socks, shoes, everything. They even had matching wheelchairs and suitcases.

My favorite hotel is Coco Tulum because it has everything you need for a beach vacation and nothing more. It is simple, affordable, and has plenty of hammocks.

I dream about my meal at The Inn at Little Washington. I was there when I was thirteen but I still remember the lobster with grapefruit sauce I had — as does my entire family. Seriously. We talk about it sometimes.

Best hotel amenity: Big, fluffy bathrobe.

Favorite childhood travel memory: We used to drive to New York for the weekend once or twice a month to visit my grandparents. It's how I first fell in love with the city, and I still have a huge soft spot for the Upper East Side (and the Lincoln Tunnel) because of it.

Everywhere I go, I check out the boutiques. I love seeing what people are carrying in other cities — such a good way to discover new designers I haven't heard of before.

When I arrive in a new place, I learn the lay of the land by going on a morning run!

I always bring home clothes and/or accessories. I really cannot help myself.

If I never return to Fort Lauderdale, it'll be too soon because it's like the city was created solely for spring breakers.

I travel for the maximum distance between me and my computer screen.


Website: ofakind.com
Twitter: @clairemazur
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