Fathom Questionnaire

Meet the Writer: Allison Hatfield

by Allison Hatfield

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Occupation: Writer / Editor / Dreamer

Favorite destinations: Paris, Buenos Aires, French Polynesia, and any place with a white sand beach. 

Dying to visit: Namibia

Bizarre travel rituals: I have to clean the house top to bottom before I leave for a trip. 

In-flight relaxation regime: I take off my shoes, put my book and a bottle of water in the seat pocket in front of me, and buckle up.

Always in carry-on: Several books.

Concierge or DIY? DIY, even though it doesn't serve me well.

See it all or take it easy? Take it easy. Sure I miss a lot, but I don't actually care.

Drive or be driven? Be driven.

Travel hero: My friend Christine, who travels 285 days a year. I don't know how she does it. 

Weirdest thing seen on travels: In Savannah, Georgia, our hotel caught on fire and we all had to be moved to a new hotel. It was so bizarre to stand on the curb and watch as fire fighters put the fire out. Then we were all led by a police officer up the dark stairwell to our rooms to retrieve our belongings.

Best hotel amenity: Room service. 

I dream about my meal at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Everywhere I go, I check out the supermarkets, flea markets, and art musuems.

When I arrive in a new place, I learn the lay of the land by walking, walking, walking.

I always bring home art. 

If I never return to Mexico City it'll be too soon because I couldn't be convinced not to drink the water.

I travel for the adventure — and the coming home.

A Minibar Christmas - Lisbon, Portugal

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