InstaMeet: Matinée très Française

by Team Fathom

One of many beautiful Parisian views. Photo by @daisydeplume.

INSTAGRAM – Earlier this month, we held our second #FathomInstaMeet in Paris. To our delight, a group of cultured Parisian influencers showed up early and eager to Instagram. Leading the group through a walking and talking tour of the Palais Royal were two of our favorite Fathom contributors: Paris-based Lindsey Tramuta (@lostncheeseland) and Rome-based Erica Firpo (@ericafirpo, who also co-hosted our first InstaMeet in Rome).

Our amazing group of Instagrammers included @thefrancofly - @ericafirpo - @liladecastelbajac - @kasia_dietz - @lostncheeseland - @sfpconcierge - @daisydeplume - @jessejmorgan - @lacuisineparis.

They're artists, authors, journalists, guides, and food experts. They whiled away the afternoon in the 1st arrondissement. Scroll through the photos to see it through their lens.

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