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Fathom Favorites: New York City

by Team Fathom
La Photo courtesy of La Mercerie.
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We are rolling out the Fathom Favorites for New York City. (Our home town!)

The focus is Manhattan with a few shout-outs in the outer boroughs. (The Favorites for Brooklyn and Queens are coming.) This has been an exercise in restraint: We love this city so much. But to keep the guide focused (and not overwhelming), we didn’t include everything (you don’t need us to tell you The Met has killer art and Le Bernardin a killer menu).

We’re going for a mix of tried and true, new and iconic, unsung and beloved.

A BYO Harlem jazz spot. The dream deli. A 1920s-style cinema. Proof fine dining isn’t dead. And the city’s best $2 thrill.

Let’s dig in.

Cafes and Bakeries

Barney Greengrassbagels with or without a schmear (no scooping).

Cafe Sabarsky Viennese pastries by day, piano cabaret by night.

S&P new owners, same old Eisenberg’s counter menu.

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakeryshow-stopping sweets from banker-turned-baker. 

VeselkaUkrainian diner icon; that it’s no longer open 24/7 is a travesty.

Buvette — bijoux Parisian cafe and bar where you can while away the day.

Cafe Mogadoralways packed, always delicious family-run Moroccan.

Abraçobrewing with care since before the third wave came to town.

LibraeBahraini roots and Danish techniques make for modern delights.

La Merceriepretty Parisian cafe where you can buy every thing you see.

Shopsin’s General Storequirky lunch counter icon in Essex Street Market.

Frenchette Bakeryviennoiseries in alcoves in a historic building lobby.

Outer Borough Faves
Marlow & Sons — beloved for the coffee, snacks, chatter, culture.

L'Appartement 4Fcome for croissants, stay for gorgeous Heights stroll.

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