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by Team Fathom
Oaxaca Photo courtesy of Thread Caravan.

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Concrete Tokyo Map. Photo courtesy of Blue Crow Media.

An Architecture Map of Tokyo

Blue Crow Media makes excellent maps for travelers who love an education on architecture while on the road. I'm eyeballing their Concrete Tokyo Map, which identifies landmarks by notables such as Le Corbusier and Tadao Andao, for my next trip. – Daniel,  Fathom

Sabine Mirlesse
The Dune du Pilat, which, at 110 meters high, is Europe’s tallest sand dune. Photo by Sabine Mirlesse / New York Times.

The Cape Cod of France

The small villages and seaside towns of France are at the top of my travel wish list for 2018, including Cape Ferret (not to be mistaken with Cap Ferrat). – Berit, Fathom

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia. Photo courtesy of This Is The Place I Was Telling You About.

A Colorful Canadian Fall Road Trip

I recently drove the Cabot Trail, a scenic highway along the coast of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. If you can make it during fall while the leaves are changing, you're in for one of the most beautiful drives in the world. You will see every leaf color imaginable while winding up the mountains that crash into the North Atlantic Ocean. – Marcus, This Is The Place I Was Telling You About 

Photo courtesy of Thread Caravan.

2018: Diving into Central America

We’re looking to travel into a culture in a more in-depth way next year, and projects like Thread Caravan are making us really excited. The company takes travelers on workshops to places in Central America where local artisans are hired to teach about their traditional craft. We love the idea. It keeps the craft alive while also giving travelers a deeper view of the culture. – Annapurna, Roam Magazine

A pinsa pie. Photo courtesy of Pinsere.

Rome's Latest Pizza Trend

Nothing unites and divides Italians like pizza. They all love it, but ask an Italian to choose between low crust (Roman style) or high crust (Naples style) and you'll get very different and passionate answers that could spiral into an argument. Recently, a new type of pizza has surfaced in Rome and is getting famous quickly: pinsa, a light-crust pie usually served in an oval shape. – Francesco, Spotted by Locals

A New Camera for Better Travel Videos

If your goal for 2018 is taking better travel videos, put Rylo, a new intelligent 360° camera, on your holiday wish list. The super portable device uses advanced software to produce stable, level, and clear footage in 4K without fail — no cinematography skills necessary. For a teaser of how it all works, watch the video above. – Daniel, Fathom


The ultimate travel guide for the ultimate traveler. Photo courtesy of The Wayfarer's Handbook.

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