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Alison Alison Brooks Architects' installation at the Venice Architecture Biennalle. Photo by Luke Hayes / courtesy of Wallpaper.

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Venice Architectural Biennale
V&A Dundee by Kengo Kuma and Associates. Photo by Hufton+Crow / courtesy of Wallpaper.

Venice Architectural Biennale 2018

I have until the end of November to see how 71 architects and 63 countries are interpreting the concept of "Freespace" for the future. — Pavia, CEO

Photo courtesy of Taste Siem Reap.

A Cambodian Culinary Tour Worth Bookmarking

If you only have a few days in a new city, you're fairly limited on how many restaurants you can try. That's why a food tour is great — you can visit three to five restaurants in a single evening. I've been on a few tours in various cities, but the best I've experienced is Taste Siem Reap in Cambodia. My tour kicked off with a glass of sparkling wine in an artist's studio, moved on to appetizers at one restaurant, the main course at another, and dessert and a cocktail (I went with an espresso martini) at a chic cafe. Plus, we had a designated tuk tuk to take us from place to place all evening. Taste Siem Reap's founder, Evi-Elli La Valle, knows the city's food scene inside and out, so you're guaranteed the inside scoop." – Amelia, WordSmith

Photo courtesy of Abbate.

Handwoven Textiles

Adding Abbate, a mother-daughter-led weaving workshop set on the grounds of a 13th-century Cistercian monastery in Spain, to my travel wish list. – Berit, senior editor

How to Change Your Mind
Photo by Amber Teasley / Unsplash.

The Trip of a Lifetime to Change Your Mind

On his podcast, Sam Harris speaks with writer Michael Pollan about the resurgence of clinical interest in psychedelics as well as their own long, strange trips. The two are so articulate, thoughtful, and wise, you may find yourself planning a journey to higher consciousness soon. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Photo courtesy of Lost With Purpose.

Monpura, Bangladesh: A Tiny Island Paradise

In the far south of Bangladesh, where the Meghna River meets the Bay of Bengal, lies a smattering of remote islands. Tiny Monpura is one such place, and it’s a definitive slice of tropical paradise. Greenery explodes from every nook and cranny, wide banana leaves shade the roadways, and its locals are some of the sweetest people you’ll find in Bangladesh. It’s so off the beaten track that there’s only one government-run rest house on the island. Staying in a local’s home is best, but don’t worry — once you hang out with other passengers on the ferry boat from Dhaka to Monpura, you’re sure to end up with at least one invitation. – Alex, Lost With Purpose

Japanese Flat Bed Gardens
Photo courtesy of Spoon & Tamago.

A New Genre of Landscaping

The Japanese come up with the darnedest things — like fully landscaped mini-truck gardens. – Berit

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All behavior allowed at Good Behavior lounge on the 18th floor. Photo courtesy of Made Hotel.

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