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Palangan, Palangan, Iran. Photo courtesy of Lost with Purpose.

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Photo by Scott Frances / courtesy of Spyscape.

A Spy Museum Opens in New York City

Spyscape! Wow, is this a good time. The spy museum, designed by architect David Adjaye, delivers a shot of adrenaline at the entrance (intimidation) and doesn't let up from there, through galleries that look at seven overarching spy themes through history, among them encryption, surveillance, hacking, and — oh, how timely! — cyber warfare. Along the way, corresponding immersive stations test lie detection skills (if she touches her mouth, she's lying), encryption mettle (spot the pattern to break the code), and special ops agility (don't touch the lasers!), while interactive kiosks assess visitors' mettle (brainpower, risk aversion). It's all very Mission Impossibleand Oceans 11, with a fantastic finale: At the end, guests are given their spy profile. I was deemed a Surveillance Officer. Which is cool, but I'm going to bone up on my John Le Carré and try again, in the hopes of cracking Spymaster. – Pavia, CEO

Photo by Stefan Ruiz / courtesy of New York Times T Magazine.

The Most Famous Japanese Architect You've Never Heard Of

If, like me, you've never heard of Kengo Kuma, the interview he did with T: The New York Times Style Magazine is worth a read. The short and sweet: He's the Japanese architect behind Tokyo's stadium for the 2020 Olympics, as well as a handful of striking yet humble structures around the country, including a lovely ryokan at Ginzan Onsen north of Tokyo that I'm dreaming of staying at one day. – Daniel, Fathom editor

Cramond Island. Photo by Anson Clark.

The Edinburgh Island Only Accessible at Low Tide

Cramond Island, a tidal island off the mainland in the Firth of Forth, can only be accessed at low tide. And the tide comes in fast. The causeway connecting the island to the mainland floods every few hours. If you miss your window, WWII relics on the island and a nice pub on the mainland should help you pass the time. - Anson, Spotted by Locals

Palangan, Iran. Photo courtesy of Lost with Purpose.

Bookmark These 8 Hidden Gems in Iran

“One person's roof is the next person's porch,” an Iranian once told me with a laugh about the stepped village of Palangan in Iranian Kurdistan, and they were absolutely right. A few hours' drive from the town of Sanandaj, the stepped stone houses of Palangan grow organically out of rocky hillsides overlooking a small river. You can easily spend a few hours wandering the village, and, for an extra grand day, pack a picnic to enjoy among rustling trees and colorful wildflowers on the mountaintop overlooking the village. – Alex, Lost with Purpose

Your Next Romantic Escape from NYC

Coal Cabin is a stunning 1950s rental located roughly two-and-a-half miles from Phoenicia, New York, that has been remodeled into a mid-century dream. The high/low ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, beautiful and cozy fireplace, and fully equipped kitchen had us smitten from the moment we stepped inside. – Marcus, This is the Place I Was Telling You About

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