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An Airline Booking App to Help You Plan Last-Minute Summer Getaways

by Daniel Schwartz
Summer Photo by Chelson Tamares.

It’s not too late (or too hard) to find an affordable flight for a late-in-the-season summer vacation.

It’s halfway through the season, and you’re only now starting to think about a summer trip. The game plan: Jump at the cheapest flight you can find and play magician as you pull your next great adventure out of thin air. To help streamline your ambitious act, there’s Fareness, a flight booking app and website that tips you off to the most affordable dates and destination to travel within a given time frame.

Fareness works in two ways. If you have a particular place in mind, say Lisbon, search alongside your desired trip length to see airfare for dates up to six months out displayed neatly on a calendar. Most affordable fares are highlighted in green, allowing you to determine at a glance that it costs roughly half as much to go to Lisbon the third week of September than it does anytime in August.

If you’re just looking for inspiration, plug in your departing airport, trip length, and general timeframe wherein you want to travel — say July, August, or September — to see affordable trips around the world. A filter allows you to narrow your search between beach, Europe, U.S. cities, Asia, South Pacific, and South America destinations. The tool really comes in handy when you’re looking for a plan B. Fares too high to make it to the Mediterranean? A $500 trip to Oslo might satisfy the travel bug for the season.

When you’re ready to jump on a good deal, you can book immediately within the app, something that sets Fareness apart from other airline search engines like Google Flights, which sends you out to third party booking sites, or Hopper, which notifies you at a later date when airfare hits rock bottom — potentially costing you if hotel room prices rise or excursions get booked up in the meantime.

The Takeaway

For flexible travelers looking for good deals, Fareness makes finding an affordable flight and locking it in right away a piece of cake.

Start Seaching

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