Fathom Favorites : Barcelona Restaurants

1. Cal Pep

Cal Pep

Pay homage to the old-fashioned, well-worn, and much-loved tapas joint. Cal Pep is casual and traditional, run by gregarious gentlemen who give out tastes and top off beers for the gastronomically curious (do engage them at the bar).

Plaça de les olles, 8
Barcelona, 08003

2. Oval


Customize your own burger via a list that asks favorite meat, sauce, bread, and other toppings. Then enjoy it in the very decorated, Instagram-worthy space. Muy delicioso!

Carrer de Valencia, 199
Barcelona, 08011

3. Toto


The decor is glamorous and festive; the food is very good (don't forget dessert). In the evening, start with a gin and tonic at the bar and after that, at around 10 p.m., go to your table and dine with the Spaniards. Lunch impresses with a very good menu del dia.

Carrer Valencia 246
Barcelona, 08007

4. Gallito


There's nothing better than having lunch or dinner on the beach. Gallito, located underneath the W hotel, is a local favorite not only because the stuffed chicken and the gazpacho (for hot summer days) are so good, but because there are incredible views of palm trees, surfers, the beach, and the sea.

Passeig del Mare, Nostrum 19-21
Barcelona, 08039

5. La Boqueira

La Boqueira

The celebrated daily market where you can and should sit down at a stall for a bite of tapas and a glass of cava. Go early to avoid crowds (the market opens at 8 a.m.) and stop by local favorites El Quim de la Boqueria and Bar Pinotxo for double breakfast.

La Rambla, 91
Barcelona, 08001

6. Sagàs


The sandwiches at Sagas — pork-heavy with fresh ingredients from the family farm of the Michelin-starred chef who put together said sandwiches — might be some of the best you'll ever get your hands on. A fantastic second dinner in the hand. 

Pla de Palau, 13
Barcelona, 08003

7. El Nacional

El Nacional

In a city of strict dining rituals, the new El Nacional is an aberration, as it is one of only a few great options open early morning to late at night including Sunday and siesta hours. Reminiscent of a Spanish Eataly, the beautifully designed space (soaring ceilings, mosaic tiles, open-air marketplace feel) offers multiple dining and drinking experiences under one roof where you can sample traditional Spanish dishes made with excellent ingredients and products. 

Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis
Barcelona, 08007

8. Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos

A high-end, hot-ticket, tiny Asian-inspired tapas bar from a former chef de cuisine at El Bulli. His wife is the Japanese sommelier. Though the food is quite serious, the scene is very laid-back (and a little rock-and-roll). You’ll need a reservation ahead of time.

Carrer d' Elisabets, 9
Barcelona, 08001

9. Tickets


Make reservations ahead of time for Albert (and Ferran) Adria's avant-garde, one-Michelin-starred tapas bar, where nothing on the menu is as it seems. In a league of its own.

Avinguda del Paraŀlel, 164
Barcelona, 08015

10. La Pepita

La Pepita

A charming neighborhood restaurant serving globally influenced tapas and sandwiches.

Carrer de Corsega, 343
Barcelona, 08037

11. Bar Pinotxo

Bar Pinotxo

A Spanish tapas bar in the Boqueria market that is always crowded and a crowd-pleaser.

La Rambla, 89
Barcelona, 08001