Fathom Favorites : Florence Restaurants

1. Carapina


Order a few scoops of their artisan varieties and note how the fan-shaped business card folds nicely into a cone holder.

Via Lambertesca 18r

Florence, 50122

2. Rivoire

Stand at the polished bar or sit outside on the piazza of this elegant, century-old, family-run cafe. Save a few gold-wrapped chocolates for later. 

Piazza della Signoria 5
Florence, 50122

3. Gelateria dei Neri

Gelateria dei Neri

Accept no subsitutes — you absolutely must get to this gelateria. 

Via dei Neri 26R

Florence, 50122

4. Rosticceria Giuliano Centro

Rosticceria Giuliano Centro

A great, affordable lunch spot. Order at least one crochetti di patatia, a cheese-laden knish. 

Via dei Neri 74r

Florence, 50122

5. Il Pizzaiuolo

Il Pizzaiuolo

This place should be a top priority for lunch. When you order your Neapolitan pizza, ask for the "olio piccante" (spicy olive oil), and start with a salad and plate of grilled vegetables.

Via de Macci 113r

Florence, 50122

6. Enoteca Pinchiorri

Enoteca Pinchiorri

A grand meal in town. It ranks not only as one of the best in the city but also in the world. Chef Annie Féolde has maintained three Michelin stars for 15 years for her deft balancing of tradition and innovation. Just as impressive is the wine collection, a bewildering collection of French varietals. 

Via Ghibellina 87

Florence, 50122

7. Trattoria Sostanza (Il Troia)

Trattoria Sostanza (Il Troia)

A neighborhood spot near Santa Maria Novella. The menu is short and simple: terrific pasta, and Florentine steak as good as it gets. They only do two seatings a night, but reservations are easily obtainable. 

Via del Procellana 25r

Florence, 50123

8. Lo Zibibbo

A dark, romantic restaurant up in the hills, about a 15-minute cab ride from the city center. (They'll call a cab back for you, so there's no need to worry about the location.) There are rarely any tourists. The food is high quality, the prices reasonable, and the wine list truly wonderful. 

Via Terzollina 3r
Florence, 50139

9. Ristorante Cafaggi

Ristorante Cafaggi

Classic Tuscan food. Simple. Delicious. What more do you need to know? Make time for a nice, big lunch there.

35r Via Guelfa

Florence, 50129

10. Borgo San Jacopo

Borgo San Jacopo

A design-driven restaurant frequented by the fashiony set. Regional cuisine pairs well with an impressive wine list. Get a table by the window overlooking the Arno.

62r Borgo San Jacopo

Florence, 50125

11. Ristorante Cibreo

Ristorante Cibreo

The most famous example of Tuscan fine dining in the city. Expect a real culinary delight: wonderfully imaginative specialties made with local ingredients. The wine list is fantastic. Reservations are a must.

8r Via del Verrocchio

Florence, 50122

12. Vivoli

Our favorite gelateria has been run by a Florentine family for generations. After lunch at nearby trattoria Antico Noe, finish up with a creamy affogato.

7r Via dell'Isola delle Stinche
Florence, 50122

13. Antico Noe

A cozy, warm, and welcoming trattoria (popular with locals) that displays the latest seasonal bounty at the door. Instead of ordering off the menu, ask them to make you something with the specialties of the season.

6-RED Volta di San Piero
Florence, 50122