Fathom Favorites : Amalfi Coast + Capri

1. Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele

Spend a relaxing few hours exploring the magnificent house that Swedish doctor and humanitarian Axel Munthe built on the ruins of Emperor Tiberius' villa. The gardens overlooking the sea are full of relics, statues, and well-labeled plants. The house itself brims with antiques and private spaces. Pick up a copy of Munthe's bestselling The Story of San Michele on the way out.


Viale Axel Munthe 34
Capri, 80071

2. Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis

The lovely ruins of the villa of the notorious Roman emperor Tiberius are accessible by small streets through a residential neighborhood. Incredible views of Naples, Vesuvius, and the plunge to the sea below make this a great place for a picnic. Check opening times at the tourist information office in the Piazzetta.

Viale Amedeo Maiuri
Capri, 80073

3. Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone

The beautiful Villa Cimbrone complex at the tip of hilltop Ravello includes a villa, hotel, restaurant, and gardens. The grounds are a meandering pastiche of alleys, fountains, and a picturesque belvedere lined with statues that overlooks the sea.


Via Santa Chiara 26
Ravello, 84010

4. Pompeii


An unforgettable day trip to one of the world's most moving and impressive ruins. The Italian government is not maintaining the site as well as it should, but a shocking amount of the city remains as it was — the villas, the frescoes, the taverns, the mummies — when nearby Vesuvius exploded in and volcanic ash buried the city in 79 A.D. The local train stops right at the entrance.

5. Monte Solaro Chairlift

Monte Solaro Chairlift

A single-seat chairlift that takes visitors to Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island. It looks a little rickety, and the 20-minute trip is definitely not for anyone afraid of heights. But the views from the top are breathtaking and the walk downhill is a mellow way to see the island.

Piazza Vittoria

6. Island Tour by Boat

Island Tour by Boat

Capri is an island best experienced from the water, and it's absolutely worth it to hire a small private boat for an afternoon tour. The Blue Grotto is the most famous and touristy, but there are several others. Stage a glamorous photo shoot as you pass through the famous Faraglioni rocks and stop for lunch at one of the beach clubs nearby. Boat operators are everywhere; every hotel can arrange a trip.



7. SoCapri


Capri's fashion uniform — crisp linen in white, pink, and blue, for women and for men — gets an update at this new boutique.

Via Emanuele 11
Capri, 80073

8. Pop Gallery

Colorful ceramics, a speciality of the Campagna region, are sold everywhere. But this boutique skips the clichéd designs and carries high-quality plates, platters, and housewares from lines like Solimene. Sister shop Mariorita next door carries a similarly impressive fashion collection.

Via Capodimonte 24
Anacapri, 80071

9. Museo della Carta

Museo della Carta

Take a highly educational and charming tour of Amalfi’s paper-making facilities through the centuries. Use the mill to make a sheet of your own paper to take home as a souvenir.


Via delle Cartiere 23
Amalfi, 84011

10. L’Arte del Sandalo Caprese di Antonio Viva

No woman can come to Capri without getting a pair of custom-made sandals as a souvenir. Shops are everywhere at various price points, but Antonio Viva is a true artisan, a larger-than-life personality who tends the shop from morning until dusk. Shoes — in every imaginable color and style — are ready in 15 minutes.

Via Giuseppe Orlandi 75
Anacapri, 80071

11. Emporio Le Sirenuse

Emporio Le Sirenuse

Le Sirenuse is already famous for its gorgeous hotel, considered by everyone to be among the world's best. The restaurant is impressive, too. But the boutique is the unexpected find, the product of hotel owner Carla Sersale's impeccable taste and global wanderings. Embroidered pillows designed by Sersale, swimming trunks designed by Allegra Hicks, Indian scarves, and Le Sirenuse's signature Eau d'Italie fragrances.

Via Cristoforo Colombo 30
Positano, 84017

12. Daniela Di Stefano

Daniela Di Stefano

The designer showroom brims with pretty trinkets for the home: super colorful textiles, sea urchin sculptures, wine glasses, and horns — the classic Neapolitan symbol for luck.

Via Roma 57
Capri, 80073

13. Ceramica Artistica Solimene

Ceramica Artistica Solimene

You've probably seen Ceramica Artistica Solimene's bright, colorful tableware and objects for sale throughout Italy and in overpriced housewares shops worldwide. The outlet sales floor at the company's factory in Vietri Sul Mare is a mess — tall, dusty stacks of plates are piled high on the massive warehouse floor, with little organization beyond size and type. For those willing to hunt, the reward (at a fraction of retail cost) is great.

Via Madonna Degli Angeli 7
Amalfi, 84019

14. Carthusia


The perfume company traces its roots back to 12th-century Carthusian monks, who distilled the island's most beautiful blooms into scents. Today the pretty, flower-filled shop sells fragrances for body and home.

Via Federico Serena 28
Capri, 80073

15. Mammà


If you can't make it to chef Gennaro Esposito's two-Michelin-starred Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense, see what the fuss is about at his casual (but Michelin-starred) Capri outpost where the pizza ovens are always blazing and the food and preparations are as local as can be.

Via Madre Serafina 11
Capri, 80073

16. La Terra

La Terra

Call ahead to book a table with a view at this casual and wonderful restaurant in a 1600s home in Montepertuso, the hillside above Positano. The specialty is local seafood. The drive is treacherous (but well worth it), so let a local taxi make the trip or have the restaurant send a car.

Via Tagliata 14
Positano, 84017

17. La Fontelina

La Fontelina

The coolest beach club on the island, at the base of the iconic Faraglioni in Marina Piccola. If you're not arriving by boat, then it's a long but very scenic walk down Via Tragara. Fresh seafood is the specialty. Lunch only, and reservations are a must.

Via Faraglioni
Capri, 80073

18. L'Olivo


Easily the fanciest restaurant on the island, with two Michelin stars. Chef Andrea Migliaccio specializes in modern, light, and dazzling versions of regional cuisine. The setting is romantic but not cheesy: deep sofas, impressive artwork, Loro Piana fabrics, Murano glassware.

Hotel Capri Palace, Via Capodimonte 14
Capri, 80071

19. Il Riccio

Il Riccio

If you've fought the crowds to see the Blue Grotto, your reward is lunch here, a Michelin-starred restaurant and beach club that serves lunch and dinner. The fish is the thing to get, and save room for dessert. You could easily spend a day here. Plan accordingly.


Via Gradola 4-6
Anacapri, 80071

20. Il Pirata

Il Pirata

Settle in on a terrace hugging the cliffs with a plate of spaghetti and sea urchin, a fresh local fish, and a bottle of local Falanghina.

Via Terramare
Praiano, 84010

21. Don Alfonso

Don Alfonso

Easily one of Italy's best restaurants, where local ingredients and classic dishes are reinterpreted into culinary art. There's a cooking school, a nearby farm, a small inn where rooms are named for herbs, and an underground wine cellar (ask for a tour after dinner). It's a self-contained gastronomic wonderland, a mix of refined and outrageously delicious food, and generous, loving hospitality.


Corso Sant'Agata 11/13
Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, 80064

22. Da Gemma

Da Gemma

An elegant but comfortable restaurant in the heart of Amalfi serving traditional Amalfi fare: fresh fish appetizers, scialatielli and paccheri pastas, delicate fish entrees. They've been serving since 1872 because they know what they're doing.

Via Frá Gerardo Sasso 11
Amalfi, 84011

23. Ristorante Al Caprì

Ristorante Al Caprì

It's easy to find a decent pizza on Capri. It's not as easy to find one where the open-air dining room has this kind of view over the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius on the horizon. There's a full menu of pastas, seafood, and vegetables, but the pizza to order is the perla. The "oyster" is a pizza crust folded in half; the "pearl" is a ball of fresh mozzarella inside.

Via Roma 38
Capri, 80073

24. Aurora


A well-known and chic restaurant serving typical regional fare — pizza, seafood, pastas — to a loyal see-and-be-seen clientele. So Capri it hurts.

Via Fuorlovado 18/22
Capri, 80073

25. Villa Tre Ville

Villa Tre Ville

The stunning former estate of Italian director Franco Zeffirelli is set in lush gardens overlooking the sea. Just as dramatic are the in-room design details (hand-painted herringbone tiling, whimsical mosaics, mother-of-pearl furniture) and fruit-laden cocktails enjoyed in the Salone Bianca. The service is fabulous — wholly unobtrusive, completely attentive. The best of Italy in all respects.

Via Arienzo 30
Positano, 84017

26. Villa Sarah

Villa Sarah

A gracious, family-run hotel at the base of Villa Jovis, a 15-minute walk from Capri's main Piazzetta. The 20 rooms are simply decorated with the old-fashioned wood furniture that you'll see everywhere along the Amalfi Coast. On the minus side, the rooms are small. On the plus side, they have terraces and are incredibly affordable, a quality that is not easy to find in Capri. The grounds have a pool, vineyards, and orchards. 

Via Tiberio 3/a
Capri, 80073

27. Villa Brunella

Villa Brunella

This is where locals stay when they want a Capri getaway. The setting and the views are fantastic: on Via Tragara overlooking Marina Piccola. Built into the hillside, most rooms have terraces and there are gardens throughout. The decor is a little fusty by modern standards, but sweet in a nice, old lady way.

Via Tragara 24
Capri, 80073

28. Parco dei Principi

Parco dei Principi

As a general rule, we don't recommend staying in tourist-packed Sorrento. (This is the town that leads to the rest of the Amalfi Coast and Capri.) But if you have to stay in town, stay here at the Giò Ponti-designed hotel on the cliffs. The garden is incredibly romantic and mature, and the beach is sophisticated and quiet.

Vita Rota 44
Sorrento, 80067

29. Palazzo Avino

Palazzo Avino

The former Palazzo Sasso has recently undergone an extensive and beautiful renovation, turning it into a 12th-century villa decorated with 18th-century antiques that provides 21st-century amenities and service. It's exactly what you'd expect when you're spending a month's salary on four nights. Be careful with the room you reserve: Cheaper rooms aren't really worth the savings. Restaurant options include Rossellinis for fine dining and Lobster & Martini Bar for more casual fare.

Via San Giovanni del Toro 28
Ravello, 84010

30. Maison la Minervetta Hotel

Maison la Minervetta Hotel

A Sorrentine boutique hotel built onto a hill on the road and impeccably decorated with colorful ceramics and objects in a nautical theme by the designer behind some of the coast’s best spots.

Via Capo 25
Sorrento, 80067



31. Lo Scoglio

Lo Scoglio

This family-run hotel overlooking the sea is one of our favorite places on earth. (Fathom founder Pavia Rosati comes at least once a year, usually with a big gang.) It's incredibly well-priced, a low-fi operation that's light on amenities (no room service, no in-room phones) and high on charm (the De Simone family is wonderful; the casual restaurant is arguably the best on the Amalfi Coast). The dozen rooms are nothing fancy, but they are impeccably clean, with comfortable beds, nautical themes (constellations painted on the ceiling), lace bedspreads, and big terraces. If you believe in simple pleasures, Lo Scoglio is pure heaven.


Piazza delle Sirene 115
Marina del Cantone, Massa Lubrense, 80061

32. Le Sirenuse

Le Sirenuse

Everybody adores this classic hotel. Is it the effect of drinking a bottle of rose while sitting in your bathrobe on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean? The epic views over the sea? The breakfast on the terrace followed by a lazy day in a shaded pool cabana? The antiques, which include framed passports from 1496? The careful attention of the charming owners, Antonio and Carla Sersale? Their line of bath products, which may be the best-smelling in the world?


Via Cristoforo Colombo 30
Positano, 84017

33. La Scalinatella

La Scalinatella

An intimate, 30-room boutique hotel with rooms high above the sea. The decor is old-fashioned and elegant, with white and hand-painted tiles, vaulted ceilings, classical wood furniture, ornate headboards, and plush sofas. The white and azure theme feels especially Capri, and the quiet location ensures a peaceful escape. Lunch by the pool is especially nice.

Via Tragara 8
Capri, 80073

34. La Minerva

La Minerva

Fresh and affordable accommodations in pricey Capri. Family-run, with 18 rooms with stunning sea views, some of which have grand terraces. Located right in the center of town, mere walking distance from shopping areas Via Camerelle and Via Tragara. For a modest fee, you can use the pool at the neighboring hotel, which is owned by the aunt of the owner, Signore Esposito. So Italian.

Via Occhio Marino 8
Capri, 80073

35. J.K. Place Capri

J.K. Place Capri

The entire set-up — from the lobby library to the communal breakfast room to the airy suites — is pure chic, high glamour, and relaxed elegance. Situated on a spit of land overlooking Marina Grande, the location is at once out of the way and ridiculously convenient. The patio, site of the restaurant and lounge, overlooks the Bay of Naples. The pool is in a lovely and private garden. The spa has incredible treatments, Santa Maria Novella products, and a beautiful steam room. The staff are generous, attentive, and caring, especially general manager Simone Giorgi. (There are J.K. Place outposts in Florence and Rome, too.)


Via Provinciale Marina Grande 225
Capri, 80073

36. Hotel Santa Caterina

Hotel Santa Caterina

A cliffside hotel in Amalfi that may as well have been built for honeymooning. It's packed with couples who come for the breathtaking views, outdoor dining with live music, and a roof made from sprawling lemon trees. It's located on the main road of the Amalfi Coast, but feels removed from the crowds, especially if you splurge on one of the quiet and grand suites like Romeo and Juliet Chalet or Il Torrino. Elevators connect the hotel to the private beach and pool below.


S.S. Amalfitana 9
Amalfi, 84011

37. Hotel Punta Tragara

Hotel Punta Tragara

The grand hotel at the end of the pedestrian route Via Tragara feels like another time and place. The lobby has cavernous, arched ceilings and antique furnishings: This doesn't feel like a hotel so much as the living room of a noble estate. Rooms are large and comfortable, well appointed with sleek but cozy furnishings, vast marble bathrooms, and terraces that overlook the sea.


Via Tragara 57
Capri, 80073

38. Hotel Luna Convento

Hotel Luna Convento

A picturesque, historic, and reasonably priced (for this part of the world) hotel where 43 guest rooms surround a 13-century cloister. The decor is old-fashioned and lovely, with coffered ceilings and heavy wood furniture. The pool has seaside access, and the center of Amalfi is a five-minute walk away.

Via Pantaleome Comite 33
Amalfi, 84011

39. Hotel Caruso

Hotel Caruso

Ravello's best. A former 11th-century palace that's been restored, with 48 rooms and suites, many with original architectural details and frescoes. Rooms are spacious, with stunning water views and every imaginable amenity. The highlight, however, is the incredibly kind and efficient staff. Tip: Don't miss a world-class massage en plein air as well as stroll through the wisteria-laden pergola on your way to the gorgeous infinity pool.


Piazza San Giovanni del Toro 2
Ravello, 84010

40. Grand Hotel Quisisana

Grand Hotel Quisisana

The grand and classic hotel in Capri, a classic that's been attracting heads of state and jetsetters since 1845. It's located in the center of Capri town, which is either a plus or a minus, depending how you feel about hordes of tourists traipsing by. The rooms are decorated in grand and traditional style. The spa has a hammam and indoor pool. And whether you stay or not, an aperitivo here is a must.

Via Camerelle 2
Capri, 80073

41. Don Alfonso

Don Alfonso

One of our favorite places on the Amalfi Coast in Sant' Agata Sui Due Golfi, the hill town on the Sorrentine peninsula. The Michelin-starred restaurant is famous world wide. The dozen rooms are named for herbs and are decorated with antique  furnishings accented with bright textiles. The House of the Poet is a separate two-storey, one-bedroom suite in a building hear the lovely swimming pool. They also have an on-site cooking school, and an amazing wine cellar.


Corso Sant'Agata 11/13
Sant' Agata Sui Due Golfi, 80064

42. Casa Privata

Casa Privata

Deep reds, dark woods, frescoed ceilings, and mid-century furnishings are the touchstones of this intimate estate in low-key Praiano. The 16 rooms and detached villa make a sophisticated design departure from the region's signature combo of bright whites plus colorful ceramics. A rambling garden and swimming pool overlook the sea — a little paradise for sunbathers.

Via Rezzola 41
Praiano, 84010

43. Casa Angelina

Casa Angelina

There are 39 rooms at this chic and discreet hotel on the coast outside Praiano. Artwork and sculptures come to life in a space that's entirely white — from the outdoor patio furnishings to the billowing curtains to the crisp bedroom linens.


Via Gennaro Capriglione 147
Praiano, 84010

44. Capri Tiberio Palace

Capri Tiberio Palace

A charming hotel a quick stroll away from Capri's town center, with 60 rooms and 17 suites decorated in traditional style accented with brights colors (furniture and wallpaper) and interesting objects (many with nautical themes). Balconies and terraces have southern views. Notably, the hotel has the only fully kosher restaurant in southern Italy, located in a separate dining room the restaurant Terrazza Tiberio.

Via Croce 11-15
Capri, 80073

45. Capri Palace Hotel & Spa

Capri Palace Hotel & Spa

Incredible glamour in quiet Anacapri. The 77 rooms and suites are quietly luxurious. Some suites have private pools and gardens; some are are named for icons like Warhol, Callas, Hepburn, and Athena. The impressive modern art collection throughout the hotel is rivaled only by the antiques. There are three restaurants: L’Olivo (fine dining; two Michelin stars), Il Riccio (beach club; one star), and casual bistrot Ragù. The woefully-named spa, The Capri Beauty Farm, is famous for its medical treatments and its "leg school" program.

Via Capodimonte 14
Anacapri, 80071

46. Caesar Augustus

Caesar Augustus

A supremely relaxing Relais & Chateaux hotel off the beaten path in Anacapri. Many rooms literally jut out over the water, as does the infinity pool that overlooks an endless blue expanse. (You're 1,000 feet above the Bay of Naples.) Hotelier Lucia Garau is happy to help with boat transfers, sourcing the ultimate sandals, and everything in between.

Via G.Orlandi 4
Capri, 80071

47. Lo Scoglio

Lo Scoglio

This family-run hotel and restaurant overlooking the sea is one of our favorite places on earth. It's incredibly well-priced, a low-fi operation that's high on charm. The De Simone family is wonderful; the casual restaurant is arguably the best on the Amalfi Coast. Locals, foodies, and celebs straight off their super yachts eat equally fabulously for hours at a time on the breezy patio on stilts over the water. Fresh seafood, handmade pasta, incredible vegetables and fruit plucked from the family farm that morning. If you believe in simple pleasures, Lo Scoglio is pure heaven.

Piazza delle Sirene 115
Marina del Cantone, Massa Lubrense, 80061