Eye Candy

Picture This: Vacationing in Cartagena

by Marianna Jamadi

A local fruit vendor. All photos by Marianna Jamadi.

Last time we checked in with the ladies behind El Camino, they were surfing the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. This time, the tour company took a small group on a picture-perfect trip to Cartagena (with the help of professional photographer and co-founder Marianna Jamadi).

CARTAGENA, Colombia – You can't really take a bad photo in Cartagena. While the Old Town is ripe with beautiful Colonial architecture and bright, bold walls, there are plenty of opportunities to venture beyond the well-worn paths. Exploring both inside and outside the city walls on our El Camino journey proved to be culturally rich and palpably colorful.

We searched the streets for fresh fruit juice stands, learned how to salsa at Ciudad Móvil in the Getsemaní district, ventured into crystal clear waters beyond Isla Grande, and dipped into a volcanic mud bath. 

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