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Drive the Platinum Way

by Pavia Rosati

Drive on. Photo by bady qb / Unsplash.

This post was produced in partnership with American Express. Fathom founder Pavia Rosati is an American Express Platinum for a Year Ambassador.

Oh, the joys of the open road. Top down on a zippy convertible, cool wind in your hair, nothing but gorgeous, winding country lanes as far as the eye can see. Step on the gas: You're in for a memorable ride.

Ah, the horrors of a car rental gone wrong. A jalopy upon arrival, an empty gas tank at midnight, a fender-bender in the first five miles. At moments like this, you wonder why you ever left the house.

Bad car experiences can be a thing of the past when you use the American Express Platinum Card to make your reservations and book your car. From easy access to roadside assistance, American Express Platinum looked at every step of the car rental process and figured out how to make the bad turn good and the good turn better.

Platinum Concierge
Let's start at the beginning. Before you even book your road trip getaway, you need to know where to go. Monument Valley? Skyline Drive? Miami to Key West? You'll need the route, the inspiration, hotels, restaurants, attractions you can't miss. Your Platinum Concierge can figure it all out for you.

Car Rental Privileges
American Express Platinum Card Members are automatically enrolled in the premium car rental programs at Avis, Hertz, and National Car Rental, where various membership perks can include, depending on the program, upgrades and discounts, your preferences on file, skipping the lines and paperwork to get right into the car, and a copy of the Wall Street Journal. Get all the details here.

Premium Roadside Assistance
If things go south — in the experience, not the route — and you need to jump a battery, get a tow, or change a tire, Premium Roadside Assistance is there for you, 24/7. You don't need to be in a rental car for this one: Call them for your own car, too.

Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance
Whoops. That scratch will definitely count as damage to the rental car. As will, er, the total loss of rental car to very wily thieves. Don't panic: You're covered in almost every country on earth. Learn more.

Travel Accident Insurance
If things really go the wrong way and you have a terrible accident and the worst possible thing happens to you, membership in the program entitles you to. Travel Accident Insurance that will help provide for your beneficiaries.

Amex Auto Purchasing Program
But you'd rather focus on when things go right. When things go so right that you want to buy a car of your own. American Express Auto Purchasing Program helps Members find more than 7,000 dealers who accept American Express — and deliver an average of $3,146 off MSRP.

That's a lot of gas you can buy for even more road trips.


Here's a rundown of all the benefits of the American Express Platinum Card.

Disclaimer: Pavia Rosati was selected by American Express to help educate consumers about the Platinum Card by American Express. As such, she was paid for her services, but all opinions about the experience and American Express are her own.

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